Text 27 Aug 3 notes Review: Yashica Lynx 5000E: Yashica haunts my dream

Lynx is like a girl next door with great personality who’s on a little chubby side. But why do I often dream of Yashica. Could it be the Radioactive lens giving me brain damage? Could it be the nostalgic feeling of 1960’s Japan and Astro Boy?

Yashica haunts my dream. I’m totally obsessed with Yashica. It could be the name that kind of rolls in your tongue, Yash! –i—ca. It could be the Radioactive lens.

It could be the nostalgic feeling I get when I look or touch a Yashica.

Sometimes, I dream of Post-war Japan in the 1960s, era of economic growth, technology advancement, student protest, and Astro Boy. In those dreams, Yashica is always there.

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